What is Athleisure? Trends, Styling, Brands

The athleisure clothing industry is only growing in view of the COVID-19 situation, where ‘the stay at home’ look is what now everyone is sporting. It is a fashion that has evolved over the years with the hectic and always busy life of the millennials. When functional clothing, the likes you wear while working out, or to the gym got a trendy twist; you got new whole new range of clothing.  Today’s youth do not have time to keep changing clothes for all the different activities they undertake during the course of the day. Work-out clothes in which you can chill at home, meet a friend at a coffee shop or run to the grocery store is a great idea to save a lot of time and effort. So what is athleisure? Let us find out.
What is Athleisure?
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The dictionary definition of “athleisure” is “casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use.” It obviously means that the word has now been added to the dictionary.  The definition sounds a tad boring but the trend itself is not boring. Vibrant yoga pants, chic hoodies and trendy sneakers are all part of this fashion statement. Needless to say that comfort is the unique selling point of athleisure.

Mood of a Generation

In fact this trend reflects the mood of a generation. A generation that has chosen comfort and functionality over aesthetics; and has actually succeeded in incorporated aesthetics consciously or unconsciously into the trend. The point that should not be missed out here, is why active wear has encroached our living room and coffee shops! Answer: because the generation that started this trend knows the value of health – and thus they find active wear indispensable. They are not ready to give up their commitment to fitness to look appropriate. When you are health conscious and busy at the same time, some stuff has to go. However, the results are for all to see. Gorgeous celebrities and their airport looks in athleisure – in sweatpants, caps and hoodies.

What is athleisure?
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Combine Fashion with Athleisure

With a little imagination you will learn to pep up your active wear. You can wear a denim or leather jacket with a sports bra. Wear jeans with sneakers. Aim for balance in your attire. Do not make it look too casual. You can also combine comfortable athleisure with very stylish and high end active wear. That way you will attain functionality and be fashionable at the same time.

mix and match
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Make sure it is appropriate 

Know when and where to wear active wear, and when to steer clear of it. You do not want to look like you do not care enough, by wearing a tracksuit to your date. So also you do not want your interviewer to think you do not take the job seriously, by wearing a hoodie and sneakers for your job interview. It is perfectly fine to wear your sweatpants to grab a lunch with friends, but when you are attending something more formal, dress to match the occasion.

Accessories are important too

As in any other attire, accessories are important to complete the athleisure look too. Be mindful as to what kind of shades, caps, bags or watches go with your active wear. Backpacks suit your casual outfit more than a leather bag. So also solid sports watches fit the bill more than flashy watches. Jewellery you choose to wear also should be in sync with the attire. Do not wear heavy and complicated pieces jewellery with your gym clothes.

Popular Athleisure Brands in India


Reliable quality and pocket friendly prices is what makes Jockey popular in India. Jockey’s popularity is only growing.


Durable and outdoorsy Nike is another popular brand in India.

Nike Cap
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With their individuality and authenticity is widely sought after.


Impossible is Nothing. Adidas marches on.

Adidas Backpack
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Additional Tips

  • Use your creativity to bring out the best in active wear. Mix and match. Accessorise. Look for bright and perky pieces instead of shabby ones.
  • Ensure that the clothes are clean and not worn out.
  • Try to create your own signature style.
  • Always aim for balance in your outfit. Do not go for outlandish pieces. Be careful with very vibrant and fluorescent colours.
  • Like in any style, layering is important in athleisure as well. Layer a jacket over a sports bra or a trench coat over leggings.
  • Though leggings is essentially an active wear, leggings has lot of potential in traditional Indian dressing. Legging goes well with most kurtis. Leggings are cheaper than normal chudis and available in wide range of colours.

Photos by Ekaterina Bolovtsova Miftah Rafli Hidayat cottonbro Tembela Bohle Aman Jakhar from Pexels

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