Truth About Push Up Bra Unveiled


To know the truth about a push up bra, one has to know what a push up bra is. A push-up bra is a bra as the name suggests pushes your breast up. In fact this push is sometimes much needed. First of all this bra can make small breasts look fuller and it can also create a cleavage. Second advantage being, the breasts appear more round and shapely. Many a times, a push up bra can be a blessing for not only small breasts, but also sagging or drooping breasts.

The padding on the cups lifts the bust upward and towards the centre of the chest. Push-up bras like t shirt bras come in very many designs. And therefore depending upon the requirement of the wearer, you have to choose the apt bra.

inside of a push up

Who needs push up?

Answer would of course be, who doesn’t!
Let me explain why exactly.
Given below are the categories of women who will benefit by wearing push up bras.

1) Women with small breast sizes

In fact a lot of ladies who have smaller breast sizes are searching for methods to make their breasts look fuller or curvier. To feel more confident and sexy. Also if you have a fuller bust, your waist looks slimmer.

2) Women who have sagging breasts

As a result of ageing or even by genetic disposition, a lot of women have saggy, droopy bust. Many women experience sagging of breasts after delivery too. Consequently they feel less confident about their body. A push up bra can provide a much needed lift to the bust and make your breasts look firmer and round.

3) Women who have wide set breasts

However women who have a lot of space between breasts can easily create a cleavage by wearing a push up bra. This bra will in fact push your bust up and towards the centre of your chest, consequently creating a full figure as well as a generous cleavage indeed.

4) Women who have bottom heavy breasts

Again those who have breasts that are flat at top and quite heavy at the bottom would of course know what I am talking about. Try a push up bra to balance the shape and feel the difference instantly.

5) Women who have generally heavy bust

A good bra will provide a lot of support to heavy breasts on the whole. Indeed a fine and well fitted bra with broad wings, broad straps as well as long underwire will go a lot way. Again if the bra has a level 1 (slight) push up, it will definitely provide extra support. Women with large cup sizes should avoid thick (level 2 & 3) push up.

6) Women who have normal to perfect breasts

Will also benefit from some extra cleavage with their low cut evening dress indeed.


Most push up bras have moulded cups (yet not always the case) and the bra has a padding at the lower portion of the cup. In most cases, the padding is at the bottom and a little bit toward the centre, to push the breasts upwards. Depending upon the design, like for instance in a balconette bra, the push up will only be at the bottom for a slight lift.

Padding of the bra conventionally is made of foam, but in the recent times, designers have been experimenting with gel, water and even air pads. Whereas gel pads are the most similar to human breasts tissues, air pads are light weight.

The push up pads are also designed in different ways. Sometimes it is a single projection, but sometimes they have 3 or more grooves. Designers also claim that these pads with grooves have a massaging effect. In the same way some pads have tiny massage balls. In deed, removable pads are the most convenient, as we can take advantage of the push-up depending on the dress we are wearing. Also bras with removable pads are convenient to wash.

different kinds of push up bras

Moulded and T Shirt

It is a common myth that all push up bras are basically t shirt bras. It is not so. In fact the truth is that t shirt bra which has moulded cups is the most prevalent type of push up bra.

Moreover if the push up bra has moulded cups, it provides the added advantage of shaping the breasts, along with providing lift. A t shirt bra with push up is perfect for imparting a silhouette and curve, so also making the hips look slender.

Truth About Push Up Bra Unveiled

Non moulded push up bra

A push up bra that is not moulded is very rare indeed. One of the reasons is because the push up pad may show through a bra. Breast tissues are soft whereas a push up pad is firm, and there may be an incongruity. However this Ice Silk Bra that uses Japanese technology does experiment with this rare combination of push up with non moulded cups.

The push up of these again are really light, and no more than simple grooves on the pad. Nonetheless this bra is a good choice for those who are averse to the idea of wearing moulded cups, yet want to benefit of a little push up.

Truth About Push Up Bra Unveiled

non moulded push up bra

Wire free push up bra

There are many women who absolutely abhor bras with underwire. Some find them uncomfortable, and some avoid them due to health reasons.

Thankfully however there are bras available in the market these days, that combines the wirefree comfort as well as the lift and contouring offered by a push up. And in fact these bras are not as  rare as non moulded push ups.

Truth About Push Up Bra Unveiled

Removable push up

A push up bra with removable pads has more benefits than one. Not only can you remove the pads when you do not require the lift for your bosom, but also you can use it as an ordinary bra on other days. Here are a few more reasons why you would like to keep a couple of push-ups with removable pads in your draw.

1. If you are on a diet and undergo sudden fluctuation in weight, and you need to fill that extra space in your bra.
2. Also if you are on your periods and your breasts are swollen. Of course you can remove the pads.
3.Your breasts are asymmetric and you need a balanced look. Use a pad in the cup of your smaller breast.
4. And finally, you are already wearing a push-up and you need some extra lift to go with your dress that has a flattering neckline. Grab those detachable pads.


Strapless Push Up

Design of a strapless push up bras is like that of a balconette bra with demi cups and therefore the push up pads are placed specifically at the bottom of the cup. This provides a direct lift to the bosom. Consequently this takes the glamour quotient of a strapless over the roof.


Sports bra also do come with push up feature. Of course you do not have to compromise on your looks when you hit the gym. However it goes without saying that you should opt for a wireless bra. For example there are one shoulder push ups which can function either as a sports bra or under one shoulder dresses with panache.

Truth About Push Up Bra Unveiled

Racerback or convertible

A racerback sports bras as well as normal racerback bras do come with push up. A racerback bra just like a push up is a boon to your closet, and if it is a combination so much the better. A convertible bra is one in which the straps are detachable and you can wear them in different ways, or even remove the straps entirely for a strapless dress. Be imaginative with a convertible.

Truth About Push Up Bra Unveiled

Balconette push up

A push up bra with balconette design is the most ideal to lift sagging breasts. Balconette bra has demi or half cups, and wide set straps to support heavy breasts from below and hold it strongly from above. The push up of balconettes are placed at the bottom of the cups and specifically meant for a strong push and give a well rounded look to the bosom.


Fitting a push up

The actual truth about a push up bra lies in the fitting. The fit of a push up bra is more important than that of an ordinary bra because of two reasons.
1. If the push up bra is too small, the push up will create ugly bulges at the top and the sides which will be visible through your t-shirt as well as make you feel uncomfortable.
2. You might in most cases have to choose a push up bra a cup size bigger because the purpose of the push up is to make a size bigger. In fact the more the push up, the bigger the cup. For instance, if you are a size 32B, you might want to try a 34B or a 32C, if a your 32B push up bra spills at the top. The trick is to try on a few sizes and styles until you find the perfect bra for you.

Calculate your bra size here. Once you decide the size and style you want to own.
Wearing Guide
1. Hook the band.
2. Lean forward and insert your breasts into the cups. For a push up, you should be careful of your breasts sitting properly on the padding.
3. After placing the breasts in the cups, straighten up and adjust the bra again.
4. Check for any bulge or spillage from the top and/or sides and ensure that the position of the padding is proper. If the size is right, the cups will encompass your bust perfectly.
5. Adjust the straps, and ensure that the bra band fits snugly and the centre gore of the bra is lying flat against your breast bone.

How to wear a bra


Spend a little time on the make of your bra before buying. In fact this advice holds good for any kind of bra you are planning to invest in. Ensure that the bra is well crafted and not just thrown in together by a factory. I am not trying to say that factory made bras cannot be good, I have seen some amazing bras coming out of factories. The craft and workmanship matter the most.
Also pay attention to the fabric used. Whether it be cotton, nylon, satin or lace, if they are good quality and if the straps are sturdy. Stitching should also be clean, smooth and the seams should not irritate your skin. The push up pads also should be well crafted and placed, without creating an unnatural look.

What to wear with push-up bras

• Low V-neck tops and pullovers
Plunge push-ups look good under tops with plunging necklines. They give you both volume and cleavage. The centre panel of a plunge bra is more narrow, and towards the bottom of the cups the bra is more open, and therefore the cleavage is more dramatic.
• Round or even turtle neck tops
Even with normal tops a push up can give a sculpted look, but make sure that the push up is progressive and mild, and not very obvious. Depending upon the style, the push up can simply lift your bust, and not push them towards the centre.
Whatever you choose to wear, make sure that the bra does not create unsightly bulges.


  • If you already have a fuller bosom, go for a push-up bra with little padding as well as wider straps.
  • Do you have an hourglass figure? You do not need to add cup sizes, and instead can opt for softer versions or those with progressive padding. Such bras will add volume on the sides and beneath the bust, without creating lot of unnecessary cleavage. Make sure that the padding you select is more even and not concentrated.
  • Moulded cup push ups are also optional for such body types. The point is that the bra should be more supportive than anything else, and thus look for strong underwire and broad straps first and push up second only.
  • On the contrary if you are small-breasted, you will benefit from a push-up bra with more padding.
    Half push-up or bras with progressive padding shall provide a more consistent volume. The discreet padding can therefore be incorporated into the bottom of the cup and also the outer sides without giving an artificial look.
  • If you are aiming for a dramatic cleavage, look for bras with heavy padding though it goes without saying that a half push can be more subtle than one with a a normal padding. The idea is achieve a natural curve, and the secret of the push up bra is to keep it a secret. Shhh…!


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