three part cup bra

Three Part Cup Bra -A Plus Size Must Have

What is a three part cup bra?

If you are a woman with full bust, you know how each part of the bra plays a key role in providing coverage, support and lift. The band provides 80% of the support. Straps are responsible for the remaining 20%. Cups provide coverage and shape to the bosom. Particularly those who wear D plus cup sizes know that cut of the cups matter. In a soft cup bra, the seams of the cup determine the shape, fitting, coverage and lift.  

As far a moulded cup bra is concerned, the shape is determined by the mould and there is no question of seams in the cup. A soft cup bra comes with different kinds of seams – vertical, horizontal, partial etc.

three part cup bra
Michelle Ann Three Part Cup Bra – Plus Size

Three part seamed cup

has the fabric in three parts – one at the top and two parts at the bottom. The bottom part of the cup with a vertical seam provides the support, and obviously the lift. In addition to the vertical seam there will also be a horizontal or diagonal seam in the cup. The function of the horizontal seam is to provide a rounded look to the breasts, and the more horizontally the seam lies, the more rounded the look.

However, this unique stitching of the bra offers less lift and more support than a bra with purely vertical seams. Fortunately, most three part cup bras have underwire, and the job of the lift is partially shared by the underwire. It goes without saying that three part cup bras do not have underwire by default and ladies who find bras with underwire uncomfortable should look around for bras with seamed cups and no underwire.

Check out our highly detailed three part cup bra here.

Reasons to invest in a three part cup bra

  1. It supports large cup sizes well because of the structure of the cups. The seams provide support and shape. ⁣⁣
  2. The vertical seams along with the wire (if the bra has underwire) provides optimum lift.
  3. The horizontal seams give the breasts a rounded lift, thereby providing a shapely silhouette.
  4. In fact, the fabric patch of the cup on the sides – under the armpit- pushes the breasts to the centre giving the appearance of slimmer waistline.
  5. Unlined or lined, the three part seams are flattering. Though three part cup bras do not always have a balconette design, a balconette design works perfectly well with such cups.

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