Pregnancy Breast Care

Pregnancy Breast Care – Tips for Healthy Breasts

Your breasts will undergo some changes during pregnancy, and that is totally normal.  Keep  reading  to  know  what  those  changes  are and  also  find  out  some  quick  pregnancy  breast  care  tips.

Pregnancy Breast care

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During pregnancy ensure that you are wearing a bra that supports you firmly. Your bra should not be tight and should not press, bind or chafe your skin. As the pregnancy advances you will notice that your breasts are getting larger and you may have to switch to larger bra sizes. Choose bras that will accommodate the changing breast size. You will notice that if you have large breasts you will have to wear a bra even while sleeping. Wearing a soft and comfortable bra is all the more important because your breasts get sore and painful during pregnancy.

Stay comfortable in our seamless, ice silk bra during your pregnancy. This bra will support you and hold the breasts in place in the most gentle way. Remove the inner padding while sleeping. The soft and stretchy material of the bra will accommodate the changing size of your breasts.


You may find that your nipples become dry and can get cracks during pregnancy.  Use a good moisturiser for your breasts and nipples after shower to retain the moisture of the skin.

Pregnancy Breast Care – MASSAGE

In fact this tip is an extension of the previous one. Gently massage your breasts with coconut or olive oil before bathing. Massages increase the blood circulation of the breasts, and will keep the skin supple. Massaging can also preventing sagging of the breasts, which often happens during pregnancy, and keep them firm.


The clear or yellowish fluid that often leaks from your nipples during pregnancy is called colostrum. Colostrum is sign that your breasts are preparing for the baby. Wash off the colostrum with warm water and use absorbent nipple pads or nursing pads to soak up the liquid. Change your bra every day to maintain hygiene. If your nipples are not cleaned it may lead to irritation and infection.

Nursing Pad
Nursing Pad (Image: Pupsik Studio)

Pregnancy Breast Care -AVOID SOAP

As your nipples tend to be dry and scaly during the time, soap can make it worse. Use warm water to wash your breasts.

During pregnancy women suffer from varied discomforts, and they tend to ignore their breast health in this midst.  However, paying a little attention to it will go a long way. Additionally by – doing small exercises like arm rotation, staying within the guidelines of weight gain, not smoking and reducing  alcohol intake – you can ensure that your breasts become too saggy post pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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