Plus Size Bra Anatomy

Plus Size Bra Anatomy: Structural differences

If you wear a D plus cup size you belong to the category of heavy busted women. It is not a common knowledge that the features that work for A to C cup bras do not work for D plus cup bras. So, How is plus size bra anatomy different from that of a standard bra?

We often notice that many brands do not pay attention to the additional support a plus size bra actually requires. The size just carries on from 28B to 44E without any change in style. Customers should keep in mind that the function of a 28B bra is much simpler than a 44E bra. Usually the photoshoot is done on a model wearing a 34B because it fits the aesthetic standards of this era. In this post let us find out what additional features do bras for women with full cups need. Once you know the requirements it is always easier to find that perfect fit.  Please do refer “How to Buy Plus Size Bras Online” for additional tips.

Plus Size Bra Anatomy : More Seams

Plus size bras have more seams. The three part cup bra is literally tailor made for D plus cup sizes. Vertical and horizontal seams of the cups provide lift, support and a rounded look.


Plus Size Bra Anatomy
Michelle Ann Plus Size Bra

The Cups are Taller

DD plus cups have taller cups is a no brainer. Heavier bust have more tissues, particularly beside the arms. So the cups tend to reach under the armpits to avoid spillage, and also to provide shape.

Broad Bra Band

We cannot stress this enough, and have said this repeatedly. Invest in bras with three plus hooks. More the hooks, wider the under-band. 80% of the support of the bra comes from the band. The band should be sturdy. So also the fabric used in the bra bands of plus size bras need to be stronger than the bras for A-C cup sizes.


In a u-back bra you will notice that the straps curve and meet each other. This design helps the weight of the bust to be more evenly distributed, thereby providing more support and comfort.

Thicker Straps

Bras particularly designed for DD plus cup sizes almost always have broad straps. Broad straps are more supportive and prevent chafing caused by the weight of the bust. Some plus size bras have cushion straps lined by felt for added comfort.

Plus Size Bra Anatomy
Michelle Ann Plus Size Bra

Lesser Details

Bras for heavier breasts tend to have more functional than aesthetic features. Delicate laces, cage design etc cannot provide the required support. The line is very thin between comfortable and boring, so try to strike a balance.


Often when the outer material is not strong enough to meet the requirement of plus size cups, designers use lining. Strong fabric like power mesh can reinforce the strength of the fabric.

Side Panels

The side panelling help in additional support and also push the breast tissues forward and away from under the arms. By pushing the bust forward the bra gives you a more shapely silhouette.

Bra Side panel

Strong underwires

The purpose of underwire in a bra is to support and lift the breasts.Underwires in bras are common even in A and B cups. However, to accomplish the job properly, the heavier the bust, the stronger must be the wires.

Featured Photo by Castorly Stock from Pexels