Buy Plus Size Bras Online

How to Buy Plus Size Bras Online

Buying clothing is arduous for people who wear plus size.  Read through for assistance to successfully buy plus size bras online.

‘Sizing’ in clothing industry is it’s Achilles Heel, and every passing year brands are trying to be inclusive.

What is ‘Inclusive Clothing’?

Inclusivity in clothing simply means offering the same range of clothing in plus size as it offers in straight size. Explaining it further – Straight Sizes are the normal 0-12 (S,M,L) range. We know that for generations brands have ignored the sizes above Large while putting out new collections. You do not find that pretty dress in your size if you wear XXL. The brand simply does not offer that dress in your size. If you are a plus you limit your choices, and settle for whatever the brand offers. The one that caught your eye on the dress form on the window, is not for you.

However, off late the brands have been more accommodating of the fact that humans come in all shapes and sizes.  Some brands boast sizes XXS to 15X these days. Which means the collection will include the same piece from sizes XXS all the way to 15X. You do not have to compromise just because you are a XXL. “A revolution of the Size Chart is the need of the hour.” 

Quoting Jess Mederos, a fashion and wardrobe stylist who has worked for Barneys New York, Lord & Taylor, and Glamour magazine,

“More than half of the women in this country can’t fit into most of the clothing,” she says. While the cost of upsizing is a factor, Mederos thinks fashion’s marginalization of plus shoppers comes down to image.

“I think a lot of brands don’t want to be associated with people who fall outside of the straight sizes, between 0 and 10,” she says. “That whole situation makes me upset because I think it’s what we’ve been fed for so long. The fashion industry cares very much about image, and the image of a perfect woman has been for the past 50 years — size 2 to 4 and tall.”

Buy Plus Size Bras Online
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May it be outerwear or inner-wear, the story if wrong-sizing remains the same. So here are a few points to keep in mind if you are shopping for bras, to ensure that the bra won’t just sit in your closet and make you feel guilty; until you finally decide to discard it.


To start with, assess all the lingerie you have. Check each piece for flaws. Take a mental note of the positive points, and the qualities you would desire to have in your next bra. Some bras may be tight and some might have pinching straps, poking underwires or gaping cups. Whatever the case maybe, you do not want to repeat the same mistake. So…get measured.

Get your measurements right. Take the help of our FITTING GUIDE. You can quickly find your measurement with the help of a BRA SIZE CALCULATOR.

If possible get yourself fitted by a professional at a store, and further you can use that sizing to buy bras online. However you need to keep in mind that our bodies keep fluctuating. In case of sudden weight loss or weight gain, pregnancy etc., you might have to measure yourself again. Write to or message us on our Facebook Page for assistance.


Style is another aspect you might want to consider if you are going for that perfect bra that fits you like a glove. Women with larger cup sizes will benefit from designs that cater to their specific needs. For example women who have sagging breasts can try a bra with balconette design. Women who want to make their breasts smaller can try a minimiser bra. Also women with heavy bosom may like underwired bras, broad straps and wings etc. Check out our STYLE GUIDE for assistance.


Online sites that sell lingerie give detailed descriptions about the products. Use that information to your advantage. Most products have separate size charts as well, because some brands’ sizing yardsticks may differ slightly.  Check the size charts and read the product description carefully. Check all the images and videos available. Also know the material, style and where the bra has been manufactured. Knowing a little about the fabric will go a long way. Because some fabrics stretch and some do not.

The lingerie sites try their best to provide the best customer experience. Because they want the customers to come back, and do not want the product to be returned.


Check if the bra comes with a separate sizing chart. If so go by that. Depending on the country of origin, the sizing may vary a bit. For example, Asian sizes are generally known to be smaller than US or Canada sizing. The same factor applies to brands as well.


Take assistance of those who are more informed about bra style and sizing. Write to us or message us for guidance. Talk to friends or family who might help you.

Buy Plus Size Bras Online


Do not hesitate to use the Return Policy if required. However this is the last resort, and that is why it is mentioned last. Almost all lingerie sites offer Return Option for bras. Panties however cannot be returned in most sites due to hygiene issues. Do not be lazy about returning a bra if it does not fit you. But repeated returning of goods can lead to blacklisting from the site due to the hassles. Buying bras from sites that do not offer a return option if you are plus size can be a gamble.

Happy Shopping!

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