Common Bra fitting problems and solutions

Common Bra Fitting Problems And Solutions

Here are some common bra fitting problems and solutions.  Because fitting a bra is a puzzle many ladies, particularly those with fuller bosoms cannot solve, perhaps until the very end.



Common Bra Fitting Problems And Solutions

The underband or the wings of your bra goes write around your breasts and supports your breasts from below. Check out the bra anatomy here. The underband should fit snugly and lie flat against your breast-bone. High support bras have broad underband and come with more than three hooks and eye closure.

  • If your underband is digging into your flesh leaving impressions on them, you should try going up a size.
  • If your band keeps riding up, you are probably wearing a loose fitting bra and should go down a size

Common Bra Fitting Problems -UNDERWIRE

The underwire of a bra offers lift, shape, and support, especially for women who have larger breasts. Read more about underwire of a bra here. Many women shy away from underwire because they feel it hurts them and pricks them. Below are two issues of underwire.

  • If the underwires of your bra are digging into your armpit, you are wearing a smaller cup than you actually require and get a larger cup size.
  • If the gore of the bra is standing away from your sternum you are probably wearing a cup larger than you require, and try a smaller cup size instead.
Common Bra Fitting Problems And Solutions


Common Bra Fitting Problems And Solutions


  • The cups are gaping on the top. You are obviously wearing a bigger cup than necessary.
  • Your boobs are spilling from the top and sides. You need to get a larger cup.
Bra cup issues

ideal bra cup

Common Bra Fitting Problems – STRAPS

Straps support your breast from above. Women encounter strap worries too often.

  • If your straps keep slipping off your shoulders you should tighten them. If you have narrow shoulders and you are wearing a broad profile bra, the straps are going to slip. So try bras with a narrow profile like a plunge bra.
  • If the straps are digging into your shoulders leaving marks when you take them off, try and loosen your straps. Nevermind if one strap is longer than the other. Adjust each strap according to your comfort.  Also, check if the underband of your bra is loose. In case you are not wearing a snug fitting bra, your underband is not going to provide any support from below and all the weight is then carried by the straps, which will cause the straps to dig into you.

bra strap issues

In the case of women with large breast sizes, it is always advisable to wear broad, and possibly cushion straps. So also they better look for broad wings, with side paneling for the required lift and support from the lower part and the sides.

Women with broad shoulders and heavy, separated breasts are advised to try balconette designs.

It is not just the size that matters when it comes to a perfect fitting bra. The shape of your body is equally important. Bra designers have come up with so many types of bras, keeping this factor in mind. Try different styles and decide which style suits you best. And once you find your perfect bra, you are in luck. Happy Shopping!


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