Breast Care Tips -7 Ways to take care of your Breasts

Breast Care Tips -6 Ways to take care of your Breasts

Apart from the fact that women have to protect themselves from Breast Cancer, general health of your breasts is also equally important. We shall address breast-care during pregnancy and breast care during breast feeding differently. But here are some general breast care tips to follow life long.


Breast cancer being the most prevalent cancer among women, practice breast self exam. The cancer affects 2.1 million women each year world wide. And it causes the most number of cancer related deaths among women. Of course this does not mean men do not get breast cancer.

Be on the look out for any changes in your chest area, men included. Learning your family history of diseases is important for any genetic disease not just cancer. Let your doctor know if there is a family history of breast or ovarian cancer. On a monthly basis do a self check for swellings or lumps that feel unusual to touch. Refer the infographic on how to perform a self check. How To Give a Self Breast Exam

Breast Care Tips – USE A MOISTURISER

The skin of your breasts is visibly thinner than the surrounding areas. Keep the skin supple by using a moisturiser. Moisturising will also help deal with the chafing of a bra, cracking of nipples or any irritation caused by the fabric of your garments. Use a good bust cream regularly to keep your bust happy. Moreover bust creams claim to tighten and make the bust firm.


Using a bust cream and massage are complimentary tips. The lymph nodes that carry the lymphatic fluid are situated around your breasts. These lymphs helps you fight illness. As the lymphs are directed towards the centre of your chest, the massage should be in the same direction. Not only that massages are relaxing and rejuvenating, they are also a good way for breast self exam. Make it a practice to massage your breasts using a good cream.


Breast health requires a healthy and balanced diet just like the rest of your body. Depending upon your need, a diet that properly balances the proteins, healthy fats, vegetables, nuts and fruits is important for a healthy bosom. Drinking lots of water keeps your skin young and supple.

Move your body to stay healthy. Studies show that the risk of breast cancer reduces by 10-130% if you have a good exercise regime.

Also Yogasanas like the  cobra pose and exercises like plank, push-up, benchpress, dumbbell chest press etc., helps in keeping your breasts firm.

Breast Care Tips
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No matter if you have large or small breasts, always wear a comfortable and supportive bra.  The importance of a well fitting bra cannot be downplayed when it comes to breast care. A good bra can not only give the appearance of firmer and perkier looking breasts, but also prevent sagging. Read more.   Before selecting a bra ensure that the fabric is comfortable for you, and does not cause rashes or itch. If your skin is sensitive the chafing can cause long lasting problems.

Whether or not you should wear a bra to bed is a personal choice. Some women worry that going braless can cause sagging. If wearing a bra to bed is important to you, wear one with light comfortable support. Preferably a bralette. Read more.


Breast Care Tips
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Protect the skin of your breasts from UV rays, using a sunscreen, as you would the rest of your body. Ageing and sun exposure can cause unsightly moles and skin tags to appear under the folds of your breasts. These tags can can also cause irritation and itch. Though these tags can been clinically removed by painless procedures, appearance of these tags can be delayed and controlled. Use sunscreen generously and exfoliate regularly.

Follow these breast care tips to keeps the twins happy.

Photos by Li Sun and Nadine Wuchenauer from Pexels

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