Bra and Body Type : Choose the right bra.

So as to know how to choose the right bra by body type one should first know one’s body type. Let us so quickly and broadly classify the body types of women into four.

Bra and Body Type :  Hourglass

Considered the ideal type, is just 8.4% of the women. Women with the hourglass figure have well-endowed breasts. Women with this type of body need supportive bras with wide comfortable straps and firm elastic wings. Ideal bras for the hourglass type bodies are underwired bras with soft cups. Shop Michelle Ann Soft Cup.Bra and Body Type


Most bra styles suit women with apple-shaped bodies. Apple girls have a fuller waist, slim thighs, good legs and comparatively flatter backside. Apple girls require the lift. Balconette bras are ideal for them as they provide both cleavage and much-needed lift. If the apple girl has smaller breasts she could go for a balconette with push-up or normal push-up bra. Shop Autumn Balconettes.
 Bra and Body Type


Women with a pear-shaped body have breasts that are heavy at the bottom and flat at the top. Pear-shaped women have a heavy bottom and tend to have smaller breasts. The attributes they should look for in a bra support, lift and a rounded look. Ideal bras would be Push-up bras to give a full figure, voluptuous look. Padded bras with molded cups (molded cups give shape to the breasts, making the hips look shapely), balconettes that give the endowed look, bras with high underwire that reach between the breasts, making it look fuller. Pear-shaped women with big breasts should definitely invest on quality bras. Shop Push Up Bras. 
bra with high underwire
push up bra

Bra and Body Type : Boyish

Women with such body type have small breasts and small cup size. Requirements in a bra being padding and push-up. Ideal bras would be molded cup bras, bras with foam padding or removable pads to give shape to the breasts, and thick push-up to give a full figure look with cleavage. Shop Autumn Padded Bras.How to choose the right bra by Body Type

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