Bandeau Bra : 7 Ways to Style a Bandeau Top

Bandeau Bra is designed without straps to support you when you sport a strapless dress. Also called Bandeau Top or Tube bra, a bandeau is very similar to bralette in it’s structure. However a bandeau has no straps. It is made of stretchy fabric with broad band at the top and bottom for holding the bosom in place. Even the bandeaus that come with hooks have a certain amount of stretch.


A bandeau is evidently the simplest kind of bra because it just has one simple piece. Because of this reason we can trace the origins of bandeau back to the apodesmos of Ancient Greece. In the Bikini Mosaic we see women wearing garment akin to bandeau.

In India the Choli – an unstitched garment wrapped tightly around the bosom to make them look smaller and flatter – dates back to the Chola Kingdom. Kanchuka is another modified bandeau that was popular during the Vijayanagar Empire and through the 1300s. Kanchuka is a common sight in ancient Indian drawings.


After an era of tight fitting bras, a free and easy bandeau has become popular in the 21st Century because of its convenience. The easy to put on and remove structure and breathability is what makes it popular. Apart from these bandeau is today a fashion accessory and very convenient to pair with strapless tube dresses and tops.

Today bandeau has gained acceptance as a piece of lingerie, and not some makeshift bra and on the way to be a full-blown fashion garment. As more and more youngsters are adding it to their wardrobe, styling a bandeau bra also is keeps taking new turns.

  • Strapless Bra:

    Lack of straps is what makes a bandeau different from other bras. Bandeau is the ultimate partner for strapless dresses and tube tops. There is no worry of straps showing through or sliding down either.

  • Elastic :

    Strapless bras use elastic to hold the breasts as there are no hooks or straps for support. the broad elastic bands on top and bottom holds the bandeau in place, and prevent riding up.

  • Bandeau with straps:

Over the period the tube bra has evolved to accommodate straps and back hooks. There are bandeaus with detachable straps available in the market (some have detachable clear straps as a bonus). You can add the straps if you need more support and remove them while sporting an off-shoulder dress, much like a convertible bra.

  • Pullover Style:

The pullover style tube bra that you can remove from the head is the most popular and most convenient style. These come in wide range of colours and with lot of embellishments like lace, crochet etc. Styling this kind of bandeau is the most exciting and cutest.

  • Bandeau with hooks:

    Some bandeaus now arrive with hooks for better hold. However the elastic bands are required to prevent the breasts from spilling. The hooks can be on the front or back as per your convenience.

Bandeau with Hooks

  • Padded or non padded :

Depending on the requirement padded, removable pads, or non padded bandeaus are also available in the market.

Accentuates the bosom

Good news! A horizontal bra line draws attention to the bosom naturally. This makes the bandeau bra an amazing choice to flaunt your collarbone, shoulders, and neck.  Absence of any strap attract attention to the neck and shoulders. However this happens only if you choose to style it without a top.

Bandeau makes a great Sleep Bra

Though there has not been a conclusion about the debate on whether we should wear a bra to bed, let us for now leave it to individual choice. Some women prefer a light support while sleeping, and some do not. There is also a school of thought that going braless can speed up the age and gravity related sagging of breasts. However a stretchy tube bra is a great choice if you are one of those who prefer wearing a bra to bed, due to the light and comfortable support a tube bra offers, without any restraining wires or poking hooks.Read “Whether or not to wear a bra to bed?” HERE 

Who can wear Bandeau?

A bandeau bra can be comfortably worn only by women with small to medium cup sizes. Because the structure of a tube bra or bandeau does not provide much support that women with larger bust sizes require. Bandeau is a perfect lounge wear. The elastic band will provide ample support required by A or B cups, but can be too flimsy for a C cup and above much like a bralette.
Moreover a bandeau’s unique structure can make your bosom look more fuller and figure more shapely hence making it more popular among small breasts. Also, some bandeaus are shaped with a distinction of the cups, which can be an added advantage.

Like a bralette the sizing of a bandeau is also more general -S, M, L, XL etc., Hence cute and colourful bandeau tops/tube bras with an additional advantage of their generalised sizing convenience can make perfect gifts.

​The top and bottom elastic bands are usually sufficient to provide enough support to keep smaller cup sizes in place. The cups can flow seamlessly with the rest of the bra to provide a smooth round appearance. Yet, you can find some that provide clear division between the cups for a more supportive feel.

​Advice is try on the a few styles of tube bras, just like you would in normal bras, and find out what suits your body type and fits you snugly.


Well so what do women with larger cup sizes do, if they want to sport a strapless dress. For that you have the Strapless Bra. A strapless is much like a bandeau as in it has no straps. However unlike a bandeau a Strapless Bra can have different cup sizes, and have wires even, to support the larger bust. In structure a Strapless Bra is nothing but a Strapless Balconette.


strapless bra with hooks


Strapless bra with transparent back: Is an ultimate hack for an off shoulder, backless dress. Try it.



Moreover there are many different ways you can flaunt your pretty bandeau instead of hiding it under your tees. In fact here are 7 super cute ways to style a bandeau.

Style it with plunging necklines. 7 Super Cute Ways to Wear a Bandeau

Pair it with overalls. 
7 Super Cute Ways to Wear a Bandeau

Flaunt it under sheer tops.

7 Super Cute Ways to Wear a Bandeau

Sport it with open-sided tops.
Bandeau Bra with open sided tops
 Couple it with high waisted jeans or skirt. With high waisted jeans or skirt

Be playful with a shirt full of holes.
Shirts with holes

Layer it beneath a jacket.
Bandeau Bra with fitting jackets


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Bandeau Swim wear

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