Bamboo Menstrual Underwear India

Bamboo Menstrual Underwear India Period Panties

Before talking about Bamboo Menstrual Underwear, let us talk about bamboo clothing first.



Bamboo Menstrual Underwear


There are many reasons we love bamboo. For its softness. For its comfort. And its sustainability.

The textile industry is now looking up to bamboo as never before. Why? Because bamboo is a great crop. It is sustainable and good for biodiversity. It is a fact that the clothes we wear do make an impact on our ecosystem. Biodiversity is the network of the millions of plants and animals that depend upon each other as well as humans rely on for sustenance for oxygen and food. This interconnectedness keep our ecosystems harmonious.

Clothing and biodiversity

Over the centuries agriculture has destroyed habitats of plant and animal species. And the worlds fashion industry is only growing.

Cultivation of cotton, its replanting, harvesting and the pesticides have damaging effect on our ecosystem. Healthy soil is prerequisite to our biodiversity and use of pesticides have long term effects on the surrounding ecosystem. Needless to say the energy and water used in processing the fabrics, which further cause pollution. Each day millions of plastic micro-fibres are being released into the water through washing of clothes. Fashion industry consumes preposterous amount of single use, non-recyclable plastic packing. Plastic packaging that end up in landfills or oceans will take forever to degenerate. Old and discarded clothes also end up the same way. Degradation of clothes release toxins into the atmosphere.

The clothes we choose to wear can make a significant difference to our ecosystem.
How is bamboo clothing good for biodiversity?Bamboo Menstrual Underwear India
  • Bamboo first of fall does not need pesticides.
  • Second is that bamboo does not damage soil during its harvest. You can cut of bamboo keeping the roots alive, without affecting the health of the soil. Thus bamboo that way protects its habitat.
  • Third point is that bamboo takes up much less soil (almost 50% less) as compared to the same amount of cotton fibre. Switching bamboo with cotton wherever possible is going to free all that farming land for nature.
  • Fourth point is that the natural texture of bamboo keeps it fresh for long. Much longer than cotton. Therefore reducing the washing and subsequent release of toxins into the ocean.

According to Dr. Hans Friederic, Director of the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) :

Bamboo has enormous potential for protecting the natural environment and biodiversity

Bamboo is a crop that is good for our ecosystem and can considerably reduce the damaging effect of agriculture on biodiversity.
Bamboo Menstrual Underwear India

Why love bamboo?

Bamboo is a “performance fabric”. The term refers speciality fabrics that can withstand wear and tear  while being easy to maintain at the same time. Basic traits of a “performance fabric” is its longevity and simplicity.

  • Try bamboo if you love the planet.


  • Bamboo has a soft and luxurious texture. Bamboo Menstrual Underwear India
  • Bamboo viscose is 3 times more absorbent than cotton apart from the fact that it is soft. Thus the fabric keeps you dry and comfortable due to its moisture absorbing property.
  • The fabric stays fresh for longer due to its anti bacterial properties. Like synthetic fabrics bamboo does not allow water retention thereby discouraging the growth of odour-causing bacteria. Therefore the fabric requires less frequent washing than cotton.
  • Bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic and is relatively less likely to cause allergic reaction to the skin.

Being lightweight, extremely breathable, naturally hypoallergenic, temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking and quick-drying, being naturally resistant to UV rays and odour-causing bacteria bamboo is a great choice for babies’ sensitive skin or those with eczema.bamboo is a great choice for babies' sensitive skin or those with eczema

  • The fibre also has Temperature Controlling properties. During exercise when there is fluctuation in our body temperature,  bamboo fabric helps in keeping the temperature of our body even.
  • Bamboo is a grass that keeps our environment clean by absorbing five times more CO2 from the atmosphere compared to other hardwood trees. As harvesting bamboo does not require uprooting the whole tree, the carbon stays in the soil. Moreover, bamboo releases 35% more oxygen into the air compared to other hardwood trees.
  • Bamboo does not require pesticides.
  • It reduces our carbon footprints.
  • The plant is naturally UV resistant.
Bamboo is a sustainable product  that provides environmental, social and economic benefits. It protects public health and environment over their whole life cycle, right from the extraction of raw materials until the final disposal.

Bamboo is a sustainable product

Due to all these above qualities bamboo makes a perfect choice for our Menstrual Underwear. Our Leak-proof menstrual panties thoughtfully crafted to put your staining worries at ease. The three-layer leak-proof design ensures your confidence while at work and takes care of your sheets while you sleep comfortably.Bamboo Period Underwear

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