Anatomy of Bra -Components of a Bra

Anatomy of Bra!

Anatomy of Bra -Components of a Bra

Ever googled the meaning of some lingerie jargon while trying to shop for bras online? Of course we do know that words like basque, apex, or balconette can be confusing for 99% of the shoppers. Don’t worry! We are here to help you understand the anatomy of bra -components of a bra to make the shopping experience less harrowing. Keep these handy for your next online bra shopping venture ladies.

Anatomy of Bra -Components of a Bra

Underband or wings

The underband is the part of a bra that is wrapped around your body. You probably didn’t know this but the primary support (more than 80%) provided by a bra to the breast comes from the underband and not the straps. In fact straps account for very less support. If the bra has an underwire, much of the work of the band is shared by the undewire as well. The wings when fastened, bring the underband into a position which helps carry the weight of the breasts. It is important that the band fits you snugly, for it to do the work efficiently.


Now let’s talk about underwires. Generally made with a firm material, it is encased in a fabric that surrounds the cup. Besides providing support, it also gives your bust a subtle lift. So, if you are looking for a well-defined shape, then an underwired bra is your best friend.

Straps & Sliders

The original purpose of the straps is to hold the bra in the correct position. But they also offer a little help in supporting your bust. The strap length can be easily adjusted with the help of the slider rings. Make sure you keep the straps at a comfortable length so that they don’t dig into your shoulders.


You probably know the A, B, C & D of bras! Yeah, we’re talking about the cups. They come in a variety of designs that offer different kinds of necklines like the sweetheart style, plunge, high coverage, etc. And you’ve probably heard all the talk you hear about women getting their size wrong. More often than not, it’s ‘cos the cups are being misunderstood. So, if you suspect that you are wearing the wrong size, get a fitting session done and find out the right cup size.

Hook & Eye Closure

The purpose of the hook & eye closure obviously is to fasten the bra around your body. So, when you buy a bra, the right way to go about using it is to hook it in the last column and then move on to the ones on the inside, ‘cos the fabric will slowly start to stretch out making the band a bit loose.

Centre Panel

As the name suggests, it sits at the centre of the bra and forms a bridge between the cups. Sometimes, it’s also called the gore. In high strength bras designed for curvier women, this centre panel is longer to adequately support a larger bust size.

And that’s all that you have to know! You can thank us later for decoding the anatomy of a bra and making lingerie shopping a lot simpler.

Anatomy of Bra -Components of a Bra

Anatomy of Bra -Components of a Bra

Happy shopping!