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12 Ways to Wear a Bralette – Styling Tips

Bralette is a popular loungewear because of its structure. Bralettes are wire-free and do not have defined cups, but come with more generalized Small, Medium, Large, XL size specifications. That is the reason a bralette makes a great gift. Gifting bras are never a good idea because 90% of the time it is just going to sit in your wardrobe, but with bralettes, you seldom go wrong. Bralette is the stylish counterpart of the bra, and it is your ultimate layering partner. Bralettes are used as outerwear in summer, depending on how much skin you are willing to show. Here are 12 ways to wear a bralette.

Pretty bralette peeking out from under oversized tees and pullovers can never go out of vogue. This particular trick pulls through the “I am not trying hard to impress” look perfectly.


12 ways to wear a bralette

Longline lace jackets with unbuttoned shirts or jackets can never go wrong.

12 ways to wear a bralette

Like a bandeau, a bralette too make great pair with overalls. Balance out the tough overall look with a delicate, floral lace bralette. Learn more about

12 ways to wear a bralette

A slouchy tee is a stretchy t-shirt that is big enough to stretch over your one, or both shoulders. Slouchy tees emanate a laid back, chilled out aura. Coupling a lacy bralette with a slouchy tee is perfect for the relaxed look.

12 ways to wear a bralette

Sheer tops does not just show off your silhouette, but also the details of your gorgeous lingerie. Always better to opt for a bralette over a bra under see through tops.

The neck line is stretchy so I can stretch it over both shoulders if I want. The only complaint I have is that it seems really big.

Wear a blazer instead of an unbuttoned jacket, along with a bralette.

Bralette with blazer

With denim you never fail. A detailed bralette with a denim is a good idea.

Bralette with denim

Though bralette has found its place among lingerie, as bralette is placed between a cami and a bra, it is often worn as a top without additional layering. Try it with high waisted jeans.

Bralette with high waisted jeans

Bralettes makes great layering partners for sweaters. A loose sweater can show off the lovely bralette subtly.


12 ways to wear a bralette

Comfortable and cool outfit for summer. The bralette, shorts combo.

Bralette shorts combo

No better way to show off your halter bralette with lot of detailing at the back, than wear it with a backless dress.

bralette with backless dress

Add to the glamour quotient of a long skirt with a longline lace bralette.

oh so pretty

Here are some of our adorable bralettes for you. 

A bralette makes a good sleep bra. Bralettes are also good training bras for growing up girls.  Rock your bralettes during summer and layer your bralettes during winter. Either way it is a win-win.



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