10 Secret Tips For A Fuller Looking Bosom

10 Secret Tips For A Fuller Looking Bosom

Not all women are endowed with a full bosom. Some are okay with it, but the majority of the women who have small breasts are constantly looking out for ways to make their breasts look bigger. The market is out to cash in on this insecurity of women all over the world. The Internet is swarming with magic pills and potions that help your breasts become instantly larger. Truth is that such gimmicks do not work. Surgery is the only way to get bigger boobs. However, there are ways you can add confidence to your appearance with certain hacks. Here are 10 secret tips for a fuller looking bosom.

1. Wear dresses that compliment your bosom.

Halter necks, light colored tops, stripes etc., all give the illusion of fuller bust. Experiment with what looks best on you. Avoid tube tops and clothes that flatten out your chest area and ruin your figure.

10 Secret Tips For A Fuller Looking Bosom

2. Wear a push-up bra with ample padding.

Like this one, which will create a cleavage as well as contour your bosom. Some women wear two bras to increase the cup size which does work but can be very uncomfortable. The sensible thing to do is to invest on a good push-up bra.

10 Secret Tips For A Fuller Looking Bosom

3. Improvise.

Use a safety pin or paper clip on the back straps which can instantly make your cup size bigger, and also create cleavage.

10 Secret Tips For A Fuller Looking Bosom

4. Try a halter bra.

You can also cut out the back straps and tie them behind your neck to create the halter effect, which will make your cups look bigger. Halter neck bras are not always an option, because it does not go with most tees and tops.

10 Secret Tips For A Fuller Looking Bosom10 Secret Tips For A Fuller Looking Bosom

5. Pay attention to your posture

and wear the right sized bra. Wearing the right bra and slouching will not help your figure in any way. Have a good posture, and your boobs will look perky and attractive.

10 Secret Tips For A Fuller Looking Bosom

6. Massage

for increasing breast size. Regularly massaging your breasts is considered one of the best home remedies to naturally increase breast size. Experts claim that regular massage for 30minutes a day can increase up to one cup size in a month. Massaging increases blood flow and flow of phytoestrogens in the bloodstream. Massaging will also stimulate the production of prolactin, the breast enlarging hormone.

How to do it:

  • Rub your palms together as fast as you possibly can. This would generate heat and energy.
  • After rubbing your hands rapidly for about 6 to 10 seconds, place them on the breasts.
  • Rub your breasts inwards, clockwise direction on the right breast and anti-clockwise on the left.
  • Rubbing it for 2 seconds is considered as on count.
  • Follow it with at least 300 counts every day to effectively increase your cup size.

The exercise may take up to 15 minutes and you will have to keep rubbing your palms at regular intervals to keep the energy and heat flow.

You can also do your massage using massage oils or a good breast cream.

7. Food

plays an important role. Focus on a diet that increases your estrogen level. Add protein to your diet with food like chicken, eggs, fish, blueberries, peas etc. It goes without saying that any food that is bad for your body is bad for breast health. As smoking causes wrinkles on your face, it damages the suppleness of your breasts. Practice a healthy diet to keep looking good.

10 Secret Tips For A Fuller Looking Bosom

8. Work out your upper pectoral muscles.

Incline dumbbell chest presses and push-ups improve your upper pectorals. On the contrary working on the lower pectorals decreases your breast size, so you have to be careful. Pec Deck works out your upper pectoral muscles.

10 Secret Tips For A Fuller Looking Bosom

9. A slimmer waistline

will take the focus off your waistline and shift it to your bosom area. Get a slimmer waistline to make your breasts look fuller. Try shapewear, to smooth out the muffin tops.

10 Secret Tips For A Fuller Looking Bosom

10. Makeup.

Use some bronzer to highlight your cleavage and create the illusion of fullness.  Here is how to do it. This a very superficial and shallow way of gaining confidence, and there is no body-positive way to go about it. However, if it does add a dash of confidence to your evening dress, why not?

10 Secret Tips For A Fuller Looking Bosom

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