Underwire of a bra; what does it do? (Know your bra 101)

Do wires scare you? Well; you are not alone. Many women tell us even before they try on a bra, that they don’t want a bra with underwire. Have you ever thought why bras are designed with wires? The truth is that ladies really do not understand underwire of a bra can lift, support and shape their breasts and make them look years younger and slimmer.

If the bra is properly fitted, the wire will contour the whole of your breast, right from under your arms to the center. Ideally, the wire should lay flat against your breastbone without chafing them. If you  find the right fit, you will instantly know the benefits.

Underwire of a bra; what does it do? (Know your bra 101)

The Purpose of An Underwire

And what does the wire do?  It is meant to enhance the natural shape of your breasts. Underwire bras are designed to bring your weight closer to the front, while also slightly lifting them upwards. As they contain all your breast tissues, it gives a lift and more rounded look. The wire also gives you the support, and yet the support factor depends on the style of bra you choose to wear. Therefore having a wire will take a lot of the load off the shoulder straps, which causes a lot of discomfort by digging in due to the weight that is pulled in.

Is Underwire Mandatory?

No. Fitting is the most vital, as is the quality of the bra. The most expensive bra from a mass-produced, generic brand may not really have the functionality of the cheapest bra style from a small reliable company.  Although the wires are intended to give you more support that doesn’t mean non-underwire bras are useless in this area.  Many non-wired styles are lovingly designed with properties like a broad elastic band and side boning, and broad triangle center panel,  for support and snugness. Many are also stitched internally for lift as well.  The difference is that underwire bras don’t only add support, but also provide the best shape that isn’t always a feature of other styles.



Underwire of a bra; what does it do? (Know your bra 101)

Underwire of a bra; what does it do? (Know your bra 101)

Indian women have the notion that it is the shoulder straps that support the breasts 100%, and many depend on cotton straps to prevent sagging. They do not understand that an intricately designed bra evenly distributes the job of support to the wings, center panel, the wire, and straps. Going for a simple bra with cotton straps just leaves your shoulders aching and boobs shapeless. There is an added embarrassment of the cotton straps breaking while you are in class or at work.

Ladies, know your bra and select wisely before you step out. If you are confident that the closest thing to your heart is not going to betray you, it will make your life a lot easier. Check out our underwired bras here.

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