Bra Sister Sizes(Know your Bra2.0)

You might have heard the term Bra Sister Sizes used a lot by sellers and lingerie experts. In fact, the term is quite important when it comes to bra shopping, particularly for the big breasted girls.

Our team gets this question asked a lot. Here is what it means.

Sister Size is another bra size that fits your cups correctly. A sister size is used to make an adjustment in case of the bra band running too tight, and yet the cup is perfect. Check out out Fitting Guide and Measurements here.

Remember that cup size is directly proportional to band size. 

1) A 28DD does not have the same cup volume of 38DD

2) If you need the cup volume of a 38DD and band of 28, you need to get a 28GG, not 28DD.

3) This means that one who wears a 28GG has the same breast volume as 38DD.

Hope this example explains the concept well enough.

The general rule is that if you go up a band size, you need to go down a cup size. The opposite is also true – if you go down a band size, you need to go up a cup size.The idea is to keep the cup size unaltered in case you need a change in band size.

Thoughtlessly going up or down band sizes on losing or gaining weight results in an ill-fitting bra. For example, if your 34FF bra is too tight and you automatically shift to a 36FF, your cup is going to be larger than necessary.

Sister Sizes of a 28G bra are 30FF, 32F, and 34E.

Bra Sister Sizes (Know your Bra 2.0)

Check out the detailed Sister Size Chart here.

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