7 Tips To Get Your Bra Style Right

No, it is not always about the right size.

Each body is unique and therefore comes with a unique set of requirements when it comes to lingerie. We know that even if we get the size right, there are other unaddressed issues that would leave us feeling, “No, this is not what I wanted”. Though these are also a generalized set of complaints we get from our customers, here are 7 major woes and 7 tips to get your bra style right.

1) Are breasts closely set?

Not much space between them? You might find that the underwires are always pricking you. Choose a bra with low center gore. 

Plunge T-Shirt Bra and Bikini Bra are ideal for closely set breasts.

2) Wide-set breasts?

A lot of space between them? Look for a bra with broad center gore. You could go for a push-up: that will bring your breasts closer together and create a cleavage. I personally feel that a balconette is the best design for wide-set breasts, especially if you have broad shoulders. Check out this bra.

7 Tips To Get Your Bra Style Right

3) Underarm bulge or sleevage?

Wide underwire with extra reinforcement section at the side might suit you best, to encase the tissues and keep them inside the cup. This bra for instance. 

7 Tips To Get Your Bra Style Right

4) Are your breasts too close to the shoulders?

Avoid bras with high underwires, or they are sure to irritate your underarms and use bras with adjustable straps, or your breasts will look too perky.

5) Asymmetry?

Let me make this clear first that, perfectly symmetrical breasts is a myth. Nonetheless, if the asymmetry is too obvious, these tips may come in handy:

  • Tighten the straps a little more, of the side of the smaller breast.
  • Bra cup should correspond to the larger breast, not the smaller one.
  • Try molded cup bras to hide the asymmetry.
  • If the asymmetry is a little too obvious, try bras with removable pads, and remove one of them.

6) Are upper breasts not full?

Push-ups may not be the answer you are looking for. Try molded cup balconettes for a fuller bust, if you are looking for soft cup bras, the cups should not be low cut, as it will make your bust look saggy.



7) D plus cup size?

Look for supportive bras with side-boning, broad wings and broad and preferable cushion straps. Heavy breasts will cause thin straps to cut-in so always check the straps.

7 Tips To Get Your Bra Style Right

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