7 Health Problems Of Wearing The Wrong Bra

80% of women are wearing the wrong-sized bra, and whatever the reasons might be for doing that; unavailability of the correct size, lack of proper knowledge about their requirements, or just a casual attitude, the price you pay for wearing ill-fitting bras is with your health.

It is reassuring that there is a growing awareness among the women in India about breast health, but truth is that most women are still ignorant of the actual connection between their health and lingerie. Buying lingerie in India is still more like buying condoms. The salesman, mostly male, assesses your body with a quick glance and thrusts you with a bra which has no specific Cup Size, which you take and leave without even trying it on. Indian women who are ready to splurge thousands on dresses, roll their eyes when they have to pay more than a 100 bucks for a bra or panty.

Here is what a wrong sized bra can do to you :

1. SKIN Damage and reduced blood circulation

It does not matter if you have large cup size or small if your bra is tight, you not only feel like you are gasping for breath, your skin and circulation suffers as well. Find your fit here.

7 Health Problems Of Wearing The Wrong Bra

2. chafing and irritation

Wearing a bra that is too big not only causes sagging but rubbing and chafing your skin. Your bra should be firm and stay put and not keep moving around.

3. Headaches

A well-fitted bra shares the responsibility of your shoulders, neck and upper back in supporting the weight of your breasts, particularly in well-endowed women, and lack of that support might cause cervicogenic (originating from the neck) headaches.

4. neck PAIN

Neck muscles strain to support the weight of the breasts in large breasted women, it is not so in case of smaller breasts. A supporting bra can take some of that weight and distribute it around.

7 Health Problems Of Wearing The Wrong Bra


A tight bra restricts movement of the upper back which this causes stiffness. The stiffness of the spine can become back pain over a period of time.

7 Health Problems Of Wearing The Wrong Bra

6. Shortness of breath

A tight bra can restrict movement of your ribs which can result in shallow breathing. Also, the neck muscles which are also secondary inspiratory muscles will strain more, causing neck soreness and pain.

7. tenderness

Bounce and movement during physical activity without providing proper support to your breasts will result in breast tenderness. Statistics is that a good sports bra reduces the movement by up to 83%. A normal can assure only a 35% reduction in the movement.  Sports bras offer full coverage and do not have come in different cup sizes, still, it is important to ensure the fitting before using it. Read more about Sports Bras here.

7 Health Problems Of Wearing The Wrong Bra

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