4 Tips For Plus Size Lingerie Shopping

The clothing industry is not ignoring us plus sizes anymore, and it is reassuring to find so many brands dedicated to plus sizes. Shopping lingerie back then was the luxury meant for the regular women as brands like the Victoria’s Secret designed and showcased sizes that catered to slim women, but it is not so anymore.

Trends changed for the better with a spreading awareness for body positivity, and brands like Aerie that are refusing to airbrush their models have devoted themselves to showcasing beautiful women the way they are, curves, stretch marks and all. The distorted standards of beauty can be seen to be breaking all over the world when gorgeous ladies like Ashley Graham  and Iskra Lawrence are coming forward to stand up for what they really look like and break conventions.

All this being said, it is necessary that if you are a plus size it is still a risky business if you are shopping for lingerie, especially bras. You pay through your nose for that pretty, lacy thing only to see it sitting in your wardrobe unworn, staring back at you every day, making you feel guilty. So here are 4 things to keep in mind before you buy that coveted bra.

  1. Get fitted in store before buying online (If you can’t do that check out the Sizing Chart )
  2. Keep in mind your sister sizes while getting fitted. Don’t know what a sister size is? Check this out
  3. Each brand has different sizing standards, check that specifically, instead of using the same yardstick for all the bras. Moreover, the cutting, the fabric, the stitching will all matters to us plus size dames.
  4. Check the return policies before purchasing. It is important to know the return policy as you may not get it right the first time. Some online retailers offer perks like free shipping and free returns.
  5. Read reviews and follow bloggers who belong to your league, they write from experience. 

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